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About PNG to GIF Converter

Discover the simplicity of converting PNG images to GIF format with the PNG to GIF Converter. This tool provides an easy-to-use interface, supports drag-and-drop functionality, and offers additional features for an enhanced conversion experience. Here are the key features of this converter:


  • Drag & Drop Functionality: Quickly drag and drop PNG images for seamless conversion.
  • Click to Upload: Use the button to manually upload PNG files for conversion.
  • Convert to GIF: Effortlessly transform selected PNG images into GIF format with a single click.
  • Clear Selection: Remove uploaded files and start fresh with the Clear Selection button.
  • Preview Image: View a preview of the converted GIF image before downloading.
  • Download GIF: Download the converted GIF image for your creative projects.

Unlock the animated potential of your PNG images by converting them into GIF format using this convenient converter.