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About PNG to SVG Converter

Explore the capabilities of the PNG to SVG Converter, a tool designed to simplify the conversion of PNG images to SVG format. This tool offers a user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and additional features to enhance your SVG conversion experience. Here's what makes this converter stand out:


  • Drag & Drop Functionality: Effortlessly drag and drop PNG images for quick conversion.
  • Click to Upload: Use the button to manually upload PNG files for conversion.
  • Convert to SVG: Transform selected PNG images into SVG format with a single click.
  • Preview SVG: View a preview of the converted SVG image before downloading.
  • Download SVG: Download the converted SVG image for your design projects.

Unlock the potential of your PNG images by converting them into scalable and editable SVG format using this intuitive converter.